Covid-19 Update

At MME, we have engaged with our clients virtually for over 15 years and while we routinely travel to our clients, we have the ability to engage through video conferencing, teleconferencing, email, and other means.  In addition, we have now instituted “flex” hours for the entire company, that enable us to meet outside of normal business hours for clients that are now faced with work from home situations.

As you think about the COVID-19 potential impact on your clinical trials and timeline, we can assist you with gaining a clearer understanding of strategic implications to your developmental and in-market assets.  One of the ways we are doing this is by launching a series of Payer projects designed to gauge, through first-hand insights, opportunities and challenges that may be faced in the coming months. 

In this time of uncertainty related to COVID-19 we wanted to let you know that MME stands ready to continue to support your ongoing and emerging needs and are happy to discuss your questions and possible approaches. We look forward to you reaching out to us at or to any of our staff.

Who We Are

MME is a global leader in the development of value-based strategies and market research for health care goods and services. We are driven by intellectual curiosity and passionate about solving complex problems.

We believe that pharmaceuticals are the most cost effective health care intervention available. Our value-based solutions provide our clients with unique guidance and insights for their pricing and marketing strategies and tactics. We tackle your questions through our practical experience, academic rigor, business acumen, and a zeal for our work. We help clients appreciate, understand, and arrive at informed decisions that capture value and build success.

Our motto is our promise: Learn From Our Experience, Profit From Our Thinking.

Our Approach

Value is at the core of everything we do. MME has extensive experience helping clients understand the value perceptions of patients, payers, and health care professionals, as well as a company’s own needs and abilities. MME uses its ValueFrameSM methodology to determine these perceptions and decide which of them matter in any given situation. We then advise our customers on the optimal activities to recognize, enhance, and capture the value they are offering.

In each of our engagements, we assess opportunities and risks, develop strategic recommendations, and help our clients identify and achieve optimal results—no matter what issues confront them. Your company, your product, the particular set of customers you target, and the competitors you face all combine to make the marketing of each product a singular challenge. Every client is given a unique solution for developing, marketing, or pricing a product to achieve success.

MME develops appropriate ValueFrames that drive value perceptions as well as why they matter, how they interact, and when they should change.

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Case Studies
Pricing Strategy AssessmentSM – Marketed Product
The firm, believing the reports from the field, asked MME to determine the size of the price reduction that would be needed to get sales growing. Because the product was administered in the hospital it was subject to DRG reimbursement and the firm was convinced it was too unprofitable for hospitals to use.
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The Strategic Pricing of Pharmaceuticals
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The Strategic Pricing of Pharmaceuticals

Kolassa has done it again. He has created a book that will be word one in pharmaceutical pricing by identifying the good, the bad and the irrelevant. Mick has identified and clearly presents the practical linkages for successful pricing in what can be a very complex and perhaps too technical field. His practical examples and systems of value forms a solid foundation for better pricing theory. A great read!

-Reed K. Holden, Founder, Holden Advisors Corp. and author of Pricing with Confidence
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