15 Country Secondary and Primary Landscape and Trend Analysis

ClientEuropean multi-national client / corporate pricing department
Scope – US, EU5, plus nine other EU countries
Company ObjectivesP&R landscape and recommendations on P&R for reformulated products.

Understand how different types of reformulations were reflected in pricing and reimbursement decisions across Europe and compare and contrast this with the US market.

Outcomes would guide future life cycle management strategy.

Project DescriptionMME developed a three-step approach, relying upon its P&R and market experience to:
  1. Complete secondary research on the current P&R regulations and/or evaluation processes for new formulations in each country.
  2. Identify and analyze 12 product case-studies (3 sub-groups) examining:
    • Pricing and reimbursement of new and existing formulation
    • Assessment of the value of the reformulation (e.g. ASMR rating, SMC evaluation, etc.)
    • Cross-country variations in P&R
    • Ability of the marketing company to achieve (and sustain) a premium price
  3. Payer interviews in each country to confirm or adjust the current process of assessing reformulations and assess developing P&R trends in the area.
Project OutcomeFindings identified the most valued types of reformulations and those with potential for premium pricing and/or ready acceptability for reimbursement. Sponsor used the findings to support M&A activities.