Commercial Contracting Tactics: Segmentation and Targeting – Managed Care

ClientA mid-sized pharmaceutical client with a new managed care based product in a competitive therapeutic area
Company ObjectivesMME was asked to provide a managed care segmentation and targeting model for a client whose newer product needed more uptake in managed care.
Project DescriptionWorking with the client’s internal data and stakeholders MME:
  • Create a points based segmentation model that takes into 6 metrics based on Walters Kluwer data. Metrics were divided into 2 general categories based on differentials:
    Benefit Design Metrics:Opportunity Metrics:
    • Co-pay amount
    • Rejected claims
    • Reversed claims
    • % of TRx
    • Delta to national market share
    • Regional influence
  • Each MCO performance was analyzed and ranked based on whether the account had good opportunity, favorable benefit design, or whether the account should be protected based on performance
Project OutcomeClient was able to direct national account team to cover specific managed care plans which increased uptake of its product.