Communicating Price and Value for an Ultra-Orphan Drug

ClientNew company with ultra-orphan drug
Company ObjectivesNeeded to craft appropriate value-based messages to support the price and to assure important constituencies, such as providers and patients, that the product would be available regardless of reimbursement issue.
Project DescriptionWorking closely with the client firm and their other suppliers, we established a five step process:
  • Develop a list of anticipated questions
  • Understand and identify the value of the product and support programs, and how to convey and stress that value in communications.
  • Craft the most appropriate responses to each question for each audience These messages were then tested with the target audiences.
  • Train senior managers and other spokespersons in the proper way to field and respond to questions concerning the price and the support programs.
  • Monitor the press, the internet, and field reports to ensure that the appropriate messages were being communicated and understood by the various constituencies.
Project OutcomePress conferences and investor calls went on without a hitch, no unanticipated questions were asked, and the price was accepted by the marketplace without controversy.