Government Price Reporting Calculation and Validation

ClientA mid-sized client operating under a corporate integrity agreement with a pharmaceutical and biological product portfolio.
Company ObjectivesThe company asked MME’s assistance with the calculation and validation for their federal and state government mandated pricing calculations and submissions as well as a process roadmap for their supporting policies and procedures to ensure they were accurate, complete, and comprehensive.
Project DescriptionWorking closely with the client’s internal stakeholders MME validated and analyzed the following government-mandated pricing calculations for submission to the appropriate department of the US government:
  • Monthly and quarterly average manufacturers price
  • Quarterly best price
  • Quarterly average sales price
  • Quarterly non-average manufacturers price

In addition, MME reviewed, analyzed and recommended changes to the clients contract administrative process in government programs focusing on contract and membership compliance for the 340B and Federal Supply Schedule contracts.

Project OutcomeClient provided accurate and timely pricing submissions for all government-mandated pricing submissions, made numerous process improvements, and created employee training manuals.