Payer/KOL P&R Input to New Oncology Biologic Development Plan

ClientTop 10 company with biologic designed to replace the standard-of-care (“SoC”) oncology product

Scope – Key EU markets

Company ObjectivesTest a variety of potential TPPs with payers to define value, positioning, clinical and economic benefits necessary to optimize P&R.

Gain payer insights on evolving competitive landscape, including biosimilars.

Project DescriptionSecondary research to augment company knowledge and develop the “right questions” and TPPs.
Primary research with payer informant KOLs regarding the existing and evolving landscape. Payer research at a national (country) and regional level (total of >50 interviews).

Key issues explored included:

  • Perceptions of current and future budget management of several tumor types
  • Reaction to new product profile(s), especially; clinical differentiation; treatment population; market access (role of biomarkers, clinical benchmarks, etc.)
  • P&R expectations for each profile
  • Eventual market access and funding barriers
  • Most useful clinical and economic arguments to differentiate the new compound
Project OutcomeFindings and recommendations used to prioritize fast to market indication possibilities, overall development and endpoints needed to achieve revised P&R goals.