Strategic Marketing Action Resource TeamSM

ClientA large multinational pharmaceutical company was about to receive approval for a novel new product in the US – the first new agent in its class in several years.
Company ObjectivesDespite the potential for serious side effects and the need for testing, the current market leader was well established and well supported, the market was relatively satisfied. Marketing research indicated that clinicians were not particularly interested in the new agent. The client was concerned that their expectations for the product could not be met.
Project DescriptionBecause the client had no experience in the market, their ability to “crack” this market was limited. MME assembled a panel of outside experts, including clinical thought leaders. Former pharmaceutical marketing executives, public policy experts, pharmacy and medical directors from MCOs, and patent advocates,

Working with personnel form the client firm and MME, in two days this group:

  • Identified the strengths and weaknesses in the competitor’s product
  • Recommended specific messages to clearly inform the market of the product’s superiority
  • Identified the key targets for conversion, based on their likelihood to change and the required messages
  • Created a lobbying plan to allow for better government and private reimbursement of the product

Each expert also provided a “high level memo” to the team, providing them with what they felt were the key critical success factors for the product, from their specific point of view.

Project OutcomeThe product team used this information to totally rebuild their launch plans, and reinvigorate the sales force. The product was launched with great success, exceeding the previously pessimistic forecasts.