Understanding All the Players

ClientA mid-sized pharmaceutical company was about to launch a new product into an already crowded market. The product was for seasonal allergies, a highly symptomatic but not clinically serious disorder, and there was ample evidence that patients as well as physicians would be highly sensitive to co-pay differences among the products.
Company ObjectivesThe client wished to understand how differences in price and contracting terms and the use of co-pay coupons would affect the product’s tier placement and how that would affect prescribing and use
Project DescriptionMME designed a comprehensive study of all market participants:
  • A qualitative study of 30 MCO pharmacy directors, to determine how price and contract terms would affect tier status and MCO actions
  • A quantitative (monadic) study of physician prescribers to determine how reimbursement and coupons would affect prescribing
  • A quantitative (monadic) study of diagnosed and treated patients to determine the effect of co-pay differences and the availability of coupons on filled prescriptions
  • A quantitative study of pharmacists to determine the likelihood, and likely outcome, of interventions to have prescriptions changed to products with lower co-pays
Project OutcomeMME built a dynamic model that allowed the client to understand how pricing, reimbursement, and the use of coupons in specific plans would affect each of these different audiences and designed a pricing strategy and comprehensive contracting approach that allowed them to exceed their market goals for the product.