Qualitative Research

As with our quantitative research, we seek to do more than provide answers, we help clients determine the proper questions and use the results of our work to provide strategic guidance.

Provider and Consumer Research

MME routinely conducts qualitative studies with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, hospital and medical practice administrators, and consumers to determine the clinical needs and market potential for new products, the actual uses of current products and the ways in which these products are evaluated, flow through the system, or result in unanticipated complications for those who use or purchase them. By focusing on the “Buying Center,” the diverse group of individuals that use, evaluate, purchase, and dispense medicines and devices, we help paint a true and accurate picture of market dynamics to help solve many marketing problems.

US Payer Research – Window into Managed CareSM

In our experience, payers in the US vary considerably, not only from other organizations in their industry but often across the various plans within the MCO itself. They differ in the degrees and types of control they exert, in the categories upon which they focus their energies, and in their overall goals. This lack of uniformity renders most marketing research approaches inaccurate in this market.

Our approach to payer research begins with the use of in-depth interviews with MCO personnel responsible for product evaluation and formulary placement. All interviews are conducted by MME personnel who are not only trained in this method of research but are also pharmacists and other professionals with relevant knowledge, clinical experience and active membership in several professional associations, including APhA and AMCP. This means that the interviews are peer to peer, and we find that respondents are quite open and revealing during our interviews.

Because of their experience and understanding, out interviewers are tenacious in executing their tasks, refusing to accept the standard “knee jerk” responses threatening limits or restrictions when, in fact such restrictions are not commonly employed. Because our interviewers understand managed care and those who work in the field, and are viewed by respondents as peers, the results of our interviews are candid, comprehensive, and true reflections of payer behavior – what they will do, not what they wish they could do.

Our suite of US payer research services, which we call Window into Managed Care (WiMCSM), offers clients several options for querying payers and learning about this important part of our markets. Using a standing panel of representatives from the leading payers in the nation, WiMC offers an array of options to the client. These options include:

WiMC Service # Advisors Timing Uses
Quick Reaction 5 - 8 1 week Quick Answers to Important Questions
Fast Answers 9 - 12 2 weeks In-Depth Understanding in Record Time
MCO Decision Support 15 - 30 4 to 8 weeks Market & Pipeline/Product Crafting
Market Event Tracking 5 - 20 Ongoing Monitoring Market Trends

WiMC offers clients a fast, proven and economical alternative to standard advisory boards, providing a depth and breadth of information unattainable though other methods.

Global Payer Research - Window into Market AccessSM

Similar to our work with US payers, MME’s work with global payers is led by professionals with extensive experience in the field. The global reimbursement environment differs from the US both in terms of health care systems and the approach to medicine. Moreover, every individual country and health care system is different and a specific approach to payer research needs to be taken. Overall, many countries are more reliant on, and strict about, treatment algorithms and interest in long-term outcomes. This is due to many countries’ single payer systems. Attempts at using only one approach and limited knowledge to understand global payers is a recipe for failure; MME’s professionals understand each system’s abilities and limitations as they relate to affecting product use and reimbursement. Our extensive knowledge of what has occurred in these markets gives us the unique ability to understand what will occur and to challenge the standard responses that are likely to result from standard questions. Using our Window into Market Access (WiMASM) tool, we obtain honest and constructive input and fast, actionable answers to market access questions from our panel of advisors. These advisors are chosen because they represent decision makers in a diverse health care environment, they have excellent experience in their fields and have the ability to understand clinical and financial information, they understand market access, and they are proven contributors of constructive responses to industry questions and needs.

MME conducts extensive research in the European Union (not solely limited to the “Big 5”) as well as South America, Canada, and Japan. We are in regular contact with payers; former payer personnel; and the consultants, physicians, pharmacists, and economists who drive reimbursement decisions in these global markets and deliver accurate, unbiased assessments of the reimbursement potential for products and services.