Secondary Research

MME excels at the appropriate and efficient analysis of secondary information from multiple sources. Our analytical skills in this regard are unrivaled for the development of forecasts, explanatory models, and market assessments. Our analyses of secondary data have been used by clients to plan at every life-cycle stage from product launches to patent loss and to understand the effect of marketing inputs on the sales of products in specific categories and by several courts to understand the dynamics in pharmaceutical markets.

Using client provided data, such as market and prescription audits or other research, or our own extensive data bases and sources, we assure that the information that is used as the basis of decisions is founded in fact, not assumptions. Whether the source is commercial data bases of market information such as prescriptions and promotion, prices, or reimbursement status, or “library sources” such as reviews of the medical or business literature, we combine this information with our own experience and insights to assure that our clients see and consider the full picture, not just a glimpse of the market.