Market Opportunity Value ExplorationSM (MOVE)

The value and pricing potential of products in development must be evaluated in a realistic manner. Typically, these key issues are merely assumptions in early stage forecasts that often drive the go-no-go decision. Rather than allowing uninformed assumptions to drive such critical decisions, our clients have found that the Market Opportunity Value Exploration (MOVE) provides not only a realistic assessment of the pricing potential for a compound, but a clear guidance for understanding and demonstrating the value it can bring to the market and the firm. Additionally, for compounds in early stage clinical trials, this assessment provides guidance for determining essential clinical end-points that if demonstrated in Phase III trials support the value proposition of the product.

Using an analytical framework similar to our PSA, MOVE is a forward-looking assessment of the environment into which the new product will be launched, that provides a clear understanding of:

  • Assessment of critical success factors for value demonstration and pricing flexibility

    • Strengths and weakness of assumptions made in determining value proposition
  • Key value drivers for pricing flexibility

    • Which types and aspects of value will drive pricing flexibility and how?
    • How will value demonstration affect the reimbursement potential of the product?
    • Which key indications and clinical or other endpoints will influence pricing flexibility and reimbursement decisions?
    • How will the value of this product be perceived by different market participants within its different markets?
    • How will other treatments (current and anticipated) affect the perceived value of your product?
    • Which target patient or disease characteristics influence pricing flexibility?
    • What can be some of the potential reimbursement hurdles and how these may or may not affect product value?
    • What kind of company actions and internal support will be necessary for the product to realize its potential value?
    • How will company actions and decisions made for this product potentially affect public perception of the company and its potential future products?

The results of MOVE are presented to the client in an interactive workshop during which the findings are presented and discussed and a future roadmap for product success is finalized.